Top 10 VASTU tips for your kitchen

Home plan and interior is different as culture. Interior of architecture is all time reflect the tradition or culture which is really good for to maintain our culture. People always want their home which is followed the rule by their tradition

So here, some VASTU-SHASTRA tips which are belonging to India is here:-


Perfect direction

As per VASTU, if the kitchen is in the North-East direction, it leads to discord in the house and the well-being of the people living in the house gets affected. If the kitchen is in the South-West direction then domestic harmony gets disrupted on basis of VASTU. If the kitchen is in the North-West direction, expenditure of the household tends to increase

The shape of prosperity


For keeping electrical appliances such as microwaves, mixer grinder etc. the extension of the kitchen platform in an L shape should be used which is look like well organized. This placement is highly auspicious.



Perfect ventilation


In VASTU, these things are important in order to make a meal a delightful experience. There should be one or more windows that ventilation is going to be perfect. An exhaust fan installed in this vent would be very useful.

Direction for cooking


While you are cooking there is one should ideally face towards the East and light utensils should be kept in the east or north side of the kitchen.


3D Interior Design

Architectural 3D Interior Rendering



Position of refrigerator


If you are planning to keep the refrigerator in the kitchen, it should be placed in the South-East, South, West or North directions. So it should have to be placed on that place which is truly based on VASTU.

Storage area


When it comes to the storage area wherein you store utensils and other goods, it should always be positioned at the Southern or Western walls.


Type of flooring


The flooring should ideally be ceramic tiles or marble tiles. It is better to choose ceramic tiles as they are mostly scratch proof and last longer than most others.

The color

The color of the floor and the walls of the kitchen can be painted yellow, orange, rose flower, chocolate or red. However, as far as possible, the floors should not be black in color.



For the sake of sanctity


The kitchen should always be cleaned totally at night and all the utensils should be washed, as, unclean utensils attract flies and unwanted ailments.
TIP 10

Where to keep the water?


The wash basin (sink) of the platform should be in the north-east corner as far as possible. The pitcher for the drinking water and related utensils should be placed in the North-East or the North side of the kitchen.
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