3D Architectural Rendering Information

An Architectural rendering, or an illustration of the architectural structure, is defined as an approach and an art is the art of creating 2D images or animated rendering images that displays all the attributes of the accounted architectural design.

Simply put, it is rather a conversion of a 3D movie still or an animation, in a 2D referred image sequence. This is what Rendering is all about – but that only seems simple, yet it is not that pretty simple since lot many formalities and tool, technique inclusion is to be followed. A 3D Architectural Rendering studio has it all to perform such a highly complicated job for any need of the clients of ‘The Cheesy Animation Factory.’

3D Architectural Anomaly:-

An unusual notion about 3D Architectural Rendering is that – it is defined as a projection of a view of a 3D object. But, that really is not a very good notion. Though it is true at some extend, it has lot of work, people, tools, involved.

Earlier, rendering techniques were taught as a practice at schools – by placing an object on the table and the students drew that object as a 2D sketch in their sketchbooks/notebooks. Currently, the scenario is leaded by the Information Technology where in, Computer Graphics has become a field of study of generating graphics on a screen.

Interior 3D Rendering

Residential 3D Interior Design

In the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Architectural Visualization, and other Civilization techniques, it has become more important to focus on the 3D Architectural services, as a lot of things are there to be precision-oriented and centred about.

Provision of 3D Architectural Rendering Services: –

‘The Cheesy Animation Factory’ has in-house studio for providing satisfaction to the clients all it takes, in its in-house 3D Architectural rendering studio, from a nib of a pencil to the extreme most quality of software stationary and all required instruments. Images that are generated by a computer using three-dimensional modelling software there are variations in 3D rendering techniques. The main objective behind the 3D Architectural rendering is to give a Photo-Realistic vision to the viewers. That is making a photo real and alive.

To achieve this, the technique to be followed in generating an isometric projection of a 3D object and fill in the detailed dimensional values like colours, height, width, depth, angles, etc.

Residential 3D Interior Rendering

3D Interior Design

3D Architectural Rendering Services in Action: –

There are lot many areas where we may find the 3D rendering services applied such as:

  • Still rendering of a blue-print or a model.
  • 3D Walkthrough and animating them in a 2D film.
  • Virtual Tours for all type of visit-possible places.
  • Floor Plans and dynamism of outlet.
  • 3D Rendering services for presentation and chart displays.
  • Real time Renderings that takes place whenever a change takes place – ex. Weather, atmosphere, temperature, etc.
  • Panoramic Renderings for a landscape view.
  • Light and Shadow renderings for different types of objects.

And many others.

The Cheesy Animation Factory – 3D Interior Rendering


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